TLC Properties

TLC properties are acquired through the same special acquisition process we use for turnkey homes but have yet to go through our renovation process.  

Who it’s for

Investors with a longer time frame seeking a higher return may prefer to purchase one of these properties.  It helps if you have vision – the ability to see a rundown property and visualize what it can turn into.

How the Process Works

At any given time we have several properties in our portfolio that we have acquired but have not renovated.  As an investor you can opt to buy one of these properties and have us manage the build-out and renovation of the property turning it into a turnkey home.  


Why Consider TLC Properties in Your Portfolio?

Investing in real estate is never risk-free. But if you’re ready to take a deep dive into the world of real-estate investments, TLC properties will seldom disappoint. It’s an exciting area that can enrich your investment portfolio in unexpected ways.

Also, if you’ve already tried the turnkey business model and you’re ready for something different, TLC property is the way to go.

Not convinced?

Consider these benefits:

Lower Price Point

Turnkey requires you to have a substantial amount upfront. TLC property does not. And even if you are in a position to spend more immediately, choosing TLC property gives you more options. If you genuinely want an eclectic portfolio, the TLC route has a lot of potential.

Forced Appreciation

As an investor, there is plenty you can do to raise the market value of your property. If you have bold ideas in mind and resources to implement them, TLC property can deliver a considerable return on investment over time.

Cash Flow

Just like with turnkey, TLC property will secure the cash flow every investor is looking for. The difference being that it might take a little longer for that to turn into actual profit. That’s why working with a dedicated company like ours is the key to long-term success when investing in TLC properties.